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Locus Quest provides proven solutions to enhance engagement within remote and distributed teams. Our promise to you is to nurture a deep sense of belonging, cultivate a robust, next-level company culture, and foster psychological safety across all remote and distributed teams

How to beat loneliness among remote employees

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Our 4 Promises to Remote Employees:to Distributed Teams:

   Build a Kick-Ass Culture

   Foster a Sense of Belonging

   Secure Psychological Safety

   Sky Rocket eNPS

Our promises are based on facts

The Facts:

Strong Positive Culture, Sense of Belonging, Engagement and Psychological Safety all bring tremendous advantages for your business. When operating Remote or Distributed they are far more difficult to achieve. We are here to help!

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Acknowledge that ‘Strategy eats Culture for breakfast.’ . Locus Quest will help you cultivate your culture, make it stronger and more recognizable. Kick-ass if you will.

Many of our games and all of our events are cutomizable, just so that it is clear that they are specially made for your company. Incorporate your culture, your inside jokes, your company goals, your logo, your values or a trip to the intranet, we will make it happen.

30% of remote workers battles Loneliness and Isolation. Locus Quest is there for you to help build connections and foster a sense of belonging by bringing people together online in a meaningful way. We have designed expert solutions for this problem.

Picl® one of our games, delivers daily moments of joy and camaraderie through your chosen chat platform like Slack, Google Chat, MS Teams, or …. It’s your team’s daily watercooler moment, which has proven to engage remote and distributed teams, departments and companies.

Psychological Safety is the number 1 trait for successful teams. Google embarked on a two-year research endeavour known as Project Aristotle, comprising 180 teams, all driven by a single question: What makes teams successful? The results were enlightening: Psychological safety a term catapulted into prominence by Amy Edmondson of Harvard Business School  -the belief that one will not face punishment or humiliation for expressing ideas, questions, concerns, or admitting mistakes- a belief that the team is a safe space for interpersonal risk-taking.

Psychological safety is clearly even more crucial in remote teams because of physical proximity and misinterpreted or lack of non-verbal cues. Locus Quest has developed online teambuilding activities Like “Airplane” who have proven to elevate psychological safety.

An eNPS (Employee Nett Promotor Score) of 50+ Has proven to lead to significantly Higher Profitability (21%), Less Sick Leave (41%), Less Employee Turnover (59%), Higher Client Loyalty (200%), then companies with an eNPS below 20.

When partnering with us you will always connect with a remote engagement specialist who will tailor our standard solution to your company and your goals.

We uphold our promises…

…with meticulously crafted award winning gamesfive star online events

Each game and event is designed with a specific promise in mind. When united in our solutions, they ignite the essence of all four of our promises.

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Games and Events can also be purchased stand alone, outside of our solution packages

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