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5 things to consider in a hybrid work environment

What happens after Covid-19? 5 things to consider in a hybrid work environment

From now on, in a weekly blog post, we will share our vision on team building, working from home, online collaboration, and everything that coincides with that. We will share information on the ways that companies and organisations are learning to move forward, now that remote work is here to stay.

Topics that will be covered:

Output vs (online) presence

It is impossible to control only on output or only on (online) presence. What choices do you have? For example, here on is one article on Medium about presence-based vs output-based work systems that may help raise some discussions. 

9 to 5 vs 24/7

Does everyone work Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or is everyone allowed to organise their 40 hours themselves? Both are possible! 100% agreement is not even necessary, but the vision must be clear within your company. 

Trust is even more essential in a hybrid environment

What is important now is that employees feel that they can be honest and make mistakes. In a live environment, there was always the option to address that “bold solution” or the “difficult home situation” casually at the coffee machine. Now, everything has to be done in structured meetings. This requires a high level of trust.

Provide check-in moments

It is important to know how your staff and colleagues are feeling. Take time to ensure that there is a feeling of connection within your remote workspace. Check in on each other. Ensure to watch for signs of burnout, and address them early on. Cultivate sincere connections so that your workplace provides a safe space for people to raise any issues they may be having with their new situation. Every individual adapts to a new environment differently, and by sharing WFH experiences, both good and bad, your staff will continue to feel engaged and appreciated by your company.

Maintain your current corporate culture

Don’t see these extreme circumstances as an invitation to do things completely differently. We have been adapting to these new circumstances. Try to connect with the people and culture of your organisation, from that basis you can make small changes and experiments.

Every week, we will be collecting and discussing articles from professionals and companies with different backgrounds and different solutions. Follow us for further elaboration of these points! In fact, join us?! Tell us your findings and opinions. What questions are there that we might be able to sort out and answer!

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