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Bring on the festivities! Let’s play some riveting digital games!

2020. What a year! We wanted to end this WTFIH year with a bang, so to speak. Find a way to enjoy each other’s company while being apart. Make some good memories that will last. And energise us for the years to come.

One night, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we created Locus Quest which is why the games are in English and in Dutch. These last months, we built these games, The Dark Web and Save Santa, because there is something profoundly bonding about playing games together, even online. Teams, colleagues, friends and family can benefit from this type of digital escape room. Alternate reality games (ARGs) actually help teams grow in many ways. And they release stress, something we could all use these days.

We think these games can help companies engage their employees without making it feel like work or mandatory fun activities. We know how to create an environment that makes people work together. And it’s a great feeling to solve things together.

Besides games, we love producing events that connect people. We have a multimedia, multilingual team with talents such as designer Inge Tiemens and producer Katherine Scott. Soon, we will write more about them and about others who work with us such as Sam Sheffield and Kleinmedia. We’ll show the coaches and the kind of work they do. We have musicians, artists and speakers on board. And in these trying times, we gladly help other companies provide entertaining and engaging events for their employees!

Dommering and Giphart

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