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Daily puzzle

A new set of original and brain cracking puzzles daily.  

Create Buzz

Automatic Icebreaker for Every Meeting. Create a buzz and hilarity in a remote setting


Let your teams compete, which team solves today’s Picl ® fastest?

How does Picl ® work?

Picl®: Daily brain teasers for remote and distributed teams. Get a Picl® each morning on your preferred chat platform (Slack, Google Chat, MS Teams, Discord…). Hints every two hours, and the solution by day’s end.

Fuel team collaboration and friendly competition for two weeks or a month or do it year around—experience the remote water-cooler moment you’ve been missing.

Picl® combines rebuses and cryptograms, The puzzles are challenging, tested and loved by Senior Developers, HR teams and Sales Execs. Solve by association. Can you crack the code? This puzzle represents a famous actor

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What does Picl ® do?

After conducting tests at 10 different remote, distributed, and even 1 office-based companies, we’re thrilled to report a resounding success! Picl® has ignited the buzz we were aiming for. Now, most meetings kick off with a quick chat about the day’s Picl®—whether it’s brainstorming the solution within your team or playfully teasing other teams that haven’t cracked it yet.

This light-hearted competition brings laughter and a sense of camaraderie, ensuring meetings start with fun and banter before diving into the serious matters. Across all participating teams, we’ve witnessed a strong sense of accomplishment and unity when they solve the puzzles.

Can you crack the code? This puzzle represents a very popular TV series.


Picl® is an integral part of all our subscription plans, which have proven to consistently enhance engagement levels.

For those interested in experiencing the Picl® magic independently, our offerings are tailored to your specific needs. Pricing depends on factors such as your preferred chat tool, the number of teams, and the duration of play.

To explore your customized options, please fill out the form or schedule a demo with us. We’re here to help you find the perfect Picl® solution for your unique requirements.

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    “Response and engagement exceeded my expectations! The level of interaction was incredibly high, and I was pleasantly surprised to witness a vibrant atmosphere of healthy competition and the emergence of new chat channels as the month unfolded. Picl has undeniably delivered the daily buzz and sparkle we were striving for, bringing our team closer together. As the Head of IT Engineering at Domino’s Pizza EMEA, I am genuinely impressed with the positive impact Picl has had on our organization.”- Wendy The, Head of IT Engineering EMEA, Domino’s Pizza