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Daily puzzle

A new set of original and brain cracking puzzles daily.  

Create Buzz

Automatic Icebreaker for Every Meeting. Create a buzz and hilarity in a remote setting


Let your teams compete, which team solves today’s Picl ® fastest?

How does Picl ® work?

Picl ® is a daily puzzle designed to create a buzz in your remote or hybrid organisation. Every morning you are sent a Picl ®  on your preferred chat tool (Slack, Google Chat, MS Teams, Discord ….) every two hours we will send a new hint and at the end of the day you will be given the solution.

Your teams can work together throughout the day to find the solution as fast as possible. It is not a day disturbing activity, it is the water-cooler moment we are mimicking here. 

Puzzles are words and images which represent something. Like the ones in the laptop at the right. These images represent something in the category entertainment. Can you figure out the answer?

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What does Picl ® do for your Company?

Currently testing we see that it is a huge success! It does create the buzz we were looking for. Most meetings now start with 1 minute talk about today’s Picl ®. Either discussing within your own team what the solution would be or teasing members of another team that didn’t solve it yet. It does create some laughs and a healthy competition and ensures meetings start with some fun and teasing instead of diving into the serious stuff right away. We also see a great sense of accomplishment and camaraderie in all teams who are involved and do find the solutions.

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We are currently testing and are open for 2-3 more (remote) companies to enter the trails. After that we will be looking at a subscription model, with a free trial.

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