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Captivating Online Events

Online events are totally different from live events. At Locus Quest we have tremendous experience organizing online events. We have proven concepts, can also create totally new ones or we mix and match. The beauty of online events lies in their flexibility, allowing them to span multiple days or weeks alongside regular work commitments, which creates a long-lasting exciting vibe in your organisation.”

Tickethon®: is a full day online event for your support department. Under the guidance of an energetic host, in teams of two you solve as many support tickets as possible in one day.

During the event there are lots of fun distractions in the form of games and challenges. The winning team will be announced at the end of the day. 

Your support team will feel acknowledged, and appreciated and will have a fun team-building day behind them.

Check out Tickethon® ->

The Techathon is all about getting your Tech team to build something very fast from scratch. Mix up the total group, make new teams and build in a day (or a few days) something brilliant.

Together with a Locus Quest host, you will come together in an online meeting. The host will explain the idea of the day(s) and guide the teams during the event. After building time it is up for the whole company or the full department (including the non-tech teams) to vote for the best build.

We work closely with you to customise the program to suit your team’s needs and deliver your company message.

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Our online escape rooms are all 5 star rated. Whether you want to rescue Santa in our hilarious quest ‘Save Santa’ or you want to make a thrilling escape from “the Dark web”. all our games have a strong story line, challenging and clever puzzles and a beautiful design and a time to beat 😜.

At this moment we are working on two new adventures: ‘Fake’ immerse yourself in the fake clothing industry and a Hercule Poirot like detective investigation. 

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For a whole set of customers we have developed different events throughout the years. We know what works online and what doesn’t. Please let us know which problem you want to solve and we will come up with a customized event which suits your needs.

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