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Award-winning Online Games

Strong Positive Culture, Sense of Belonging, Engagement and Psychological Safety all bring tremendous advantages for your business. When operating Remote or Distributed they are far more difficult to achieve. We are here to help with meticulously crafted award-winning games. Each game is designed with a specific goal in mind.

Picl®: Daily brain teasers for remote and distributed teams. Get a Picl® each morning on your preferred chat platform (Slack, Google Chat, MS Teams, Mattermost…)

This light-hearted competition brings laughter and a sense of camaraderie, ensuring meetings start with fun and banter before diving into the serious matters. We call it your remote watercooler moment

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Take a significant step toward fostering a trusted, inclusive, and safe environment for all. Our meticulously crafted serious teambuilding games not only promise immense fun but also immerse your team in a pressure-cooker scenario, where all behaviors surface for constructive discussion. This journey helps your team take a giant leap toward becoming a productive, inclusive, and safe space where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute

Each year we design a new game which is proven to enhance psychological safety and build a feedback culture within your teams.

Land an Airplane together with your team or start a civilisation on Mars or …

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Transform Your Online All-Staff Meetings: Add Interactivity and Recognition. Following the informative session, break into teams of 4-7 for an engaging 30-45 minute puzzle race.

Mazerace®: It’s like ‘Kahoot,’ but then it’s a full-fledged customizable game.

Tailor it to your event with custom colors, logos, backgrounds, and even puzzles and answers.

Check out Mazerace®

Our online escape rooms are all 5 star rated. Whether you want to rescue Santa in our hilarious quest ‘Save Santa’ or you want to make a thrilling escape from “the Dark web”. all our games have a strong story line, challenging and clever puzzles and a beautiful design and a time to beat 😜.

At this moment we are working on two new adventures: ‘Fake’ immerse yourself in the fake clothing industry and a Hercule Poirot like detective investigation. 

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