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Remotely Onboarding 100 people each month

In a highly competitive labor market with staff shortages everywhere, this (blue collar) company onboards 100 new people every month. To improve in the retention of staff, the company felt that giving new employees a very warm welcome, and engaging with them in their first 100 days is of utmost importance. The scheduling difficulties and the fact that people work on site makes organising a live onboarding event impossible and that is why Locus Quest came to be in the picture.  

Currently on Offer: We decided to showcase it here because we feel it is a great example of everything Locus Quest can do in Remote Onboarding

The Clients Wishes 

Get their new joiners acquainted with the company’s intranet

Give special attention to mental and physical health also in combination with night shifts

Get the new joiners acquainted with each other, as well as creating bonds within the full onboarding group.

Celebrate the first 100 day mark with an absolute bang!

Bring across  the companies values, vision and mission

online team building events

The Offer of Locus Quest 

To make sure that the wishes of this company are fully covered in the onboarding event, Locus Quest decided to split the event into two: An Informative, warm, welcoming event around on the first day and WOW, state of the art, festive, party event around the 100th day.

An informative, warm welcoming event based around the first day 

On this first day, the new onboarding members get a special welcome by the CEO of the company. If necessary the CEO will be professionally trained to deliver an impactful and convincing speech online. After the CEO’s speech concludes, an appealing, knowledgeable, specialized professor takes the stage and talks about physical and mental wellbeing in combination with the night shifts. 

After these speeches, there will be a break in which we help the people who were not yet able to get access to the company’s intranet (currently only 48% of the employees use the intranet). This means there will be IT staff available to help resolve any issues the new members might face. After that, the 100 onboarding members get split into breakout rooms of 5 teams and get to play an online race. This online race game will have the mission and the values of the company gamified. We will make certain that they will have to find some of the answers on the intranet and we will also ensure that they will have some fun and thrills. Another additional benefit to this, is that the people in teams will get to know each other! We will see to it that there is time for introductions in the breakout rooms. There will be a winning team. During this online race other teams will be able to see where the opposing teams are. This adds to the experience, bringing on a bit of a competitive nature to the table.

And another WOW, state of the art, festive, party event around the 100th day.

The 100th day of the onboarding event starts with an energizer from an enthusiastic and specially selected dayhost from Locus Quest. After the energizer, the CEO will have his moment of fame (again if necessary we can help write the story and coach on performance, to get the most out of it). The next thing that follows is one of the employees who’s been working for the company for a long time tells a story about the most exciting experience during a shift (also a speaker coach is arranged to help write the story and coach on performance). When this concludes, the HR director will take 15 minutes to talk with the 100 onboarding members.


After the festive high energy speeches, the employees get to play a customized escape room built by us. An epic story scripted by the best story writers, with puzzles made by the best puzzle makers and starred by famous actors. We will go all out to make this huge and extraordinary. To leave the newcomers with a mindblowing sense of what their company is willing to invest in them. The escape room will also be played in breakout rooms of 5 people, so the members will be again playing with and meeting some colleagues. A great prize for the winner is also there! After the game, the day host will close the festivities with some snacks and drinks sent to the houses of each new employee.