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Build with your team a civilisation on Mars. A two week quest under the guidance of a coach. 

Specially developed for remote and hybrid teams

Guaranteed fun and deep insights into your team’s dynamics

Mars Civilisation

Thrilling new Executive Coaching Game by Locus Quest. Played with a top-level locus Quest Coach.

The first session under guidance of our Executive Coach, you will get the opportunity to gear up for your adventure. Choose together with your peers 10 items from a list of 30 to start your civilisation.

In the two weeks thereafter, your team has a task next to their regular jobs, namely developing your civilisation on Mars (It will be 10-20 minutes per day tops per team – you can divide tasks if you want).

After two weeks you will have a final evaluation moment with your Executive Coach there.

Mars civilisation game Locus quest
Mars invasion game Locus quest
Your team will grow together!

Teams will work together in a guaranteed fun and safe environment. The coach will guide you through the game and help you get the most out of it. Our coaches have a long experience of coaching (Executive) teams.

Gain indispensable insights in your team dynamics

This playful way of working together as a team will bring up a lot of valuable insights. Together with a coach these insights are addressed and talked about.

Improved team dynamics, we guarantee!

A great way to improve your team dynamics and get to know each-other even better for remote and hybrid teams.


The price is €3.000 excl VAT. This is for one team (4-8 people) and includes one 2.5 hour kick off session, 2 weeks access to the game and another 1.5 hour session 14-20 days later.

Enterprise package: Purchase Mars Civilisation for 10 teams at once for €25.000 excl VAT.

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    Case Study: Visma-Nmbrs

    Visma nmbrs locus quest