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Nationale Nederlanden

In June 2021 Nationale Nederlanden approached us to inject some fun into their half yearly all-hands for their IT development department. They wanted to bring together 12 teams, a total of a 100 people, from China, the US and the Netherlands.

Nationale Nederlanden

The challenge? 

How to ensure that everyone in this large group stayed engaged and interactive

We knew that our remote escape room, The Dark Web, would be the perfect solution. The Dark Web was built to engage remote staff during the lockdowns in 2020/2021. Since then, our product range has expanded well beyond digital escape rooms, but we are still so proud of this product. The Dark Web continues to be a great seller, and is often still played and appreciated by our clients

What did NN need? 

To engage their staff remotely and encourage new connections

In the IT Development department, NN organised an all-hands every half year for their entire staff. This time they wanted to do something different. Their wish was to have something interactive, and also have people meet and have fun in smaller groups, creating new contacts and building relationships throughout the company.

What did the event look like?

The event began with an inspiring speech from the department chief. Then the group was broken up into smaller teams of 8-9 people, and went into break out rooms to play The Dark Web. Every group raced to unravel the secrets of the digital escape room as quickly as possible. The event finished with a prize for the fastest team.

“It was so nice to play this game in smaller groups. I got the change to meet some people that I’d never spoken to before” – NN employee

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