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Remote onboarding EventGame

Onboarding plays a pivotal role in an employee’s success within any organization. Ensuring that a newcomer feels genuinely welcome and perceives the company’s commitment to their growth is fundamental to retaining talent, accelerating productivity, and reducing absenteeism.

The challenge is even more significant in the context of remote onboarding. That’s where our tailored games and events come into play. With these customized experiences, you can demonstrate your sincere care and enthusiasm for your new employees’ decision to join your team. It’s a powerful way to bridge the physical divide and make them feel valued and part of the organization from day one.

Your own remote onboarding event

Your own customised monthly or bi-monthly Onboarding event is already an option from 500 Euro’s per month and the sky is the limit! We will design the event with you, train your speakers, maybe add a customised game! Welcome your newcomers in a very special and welcoming way.

Your own remote onboarding game (basic)

Your own monthly or bi-monthly onboarding game is already an option for a one off fee of 3.000 Euro’s and 3 Euro’s per player.

Your own onboarding game (exclusive)

The sky is the limit when we develop your  monthly or bi-monthly onboarding game. Our award winning writers, puzzle-makers and designers can truly do amazing stuff.