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Remote Onboarding Solutions

Revolutionize your onboarding experience with our engaging games and events designed to seamlessly integrate remote or distributed teams on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our meticulously crafted activities are customized to gamify essential aspects such as instilling company values, fostering camaraderie through inside jokes, boosting product pride, or achieving any other specific goals you may have. Elevate your onboarding process with our innovative solutions tailored to make a lasting impression on your new staff

Your own customised monthly or bi-monthly Onboarding event is already an option from 500 Euro’s per month and the sky is the limit! We will design the event with you, train your speakers, maybe add a customised game! Welcome your newcomers in a very special and welcoming way.

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Unlock the power of a tailored onboarding experience with our customized games, where we craft puzzles and designs around your company’s unique story. Whether it’s conveying a specific message to your newcomers, gamifying your values, or introducing them to your intranet, we thrive on transforming your needs into engaging challenges. Our dedicated creative team is passionate about turning your communication goals into a dynamic, enjoyable onboarding game that mirrors the essence of your company.

Immerse your teams in a personalized onboarding race featuring five to seven puzzles, played in random teams of 5-7 people. The race, spanning 30-45 minutes, consistently stands out as a highpoint of the day, delivering impact, excitement, and a true reflection of your company’s identity.

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Engage your newcomers in a truly memorable way

Your customised onboarding remote escape room will amaze your newcomers and leave them with a lot to talk about. It’s a perfect icebreaker, and will leave a lasting impact on your new employees that they will carry with them throughout their employee journey.

Share information in a new manner

The game is built from scratch to be a product that is dedicate to sharing your company’s story. We work closely with you to gamify and incorporate essential information for your new employees to discover. Whether it’s your company mission, values, or inside jokes … you name it, we can gamify it and make it a part of your escape room.

Spark your remote and hybrid culture

Incorporating a fun and memorable online experience into your online onboarding shows from the get-go how your company values a unique remote or hybrid culture. Your newcomers will feel the effort and care that has been put in to making their onboarding experience special.

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Enrich the onboarding experience with Tickethon and Sourcethon, engaging gamified events designed to tackle backlogs in an entertaining manner. Whether it’s resolving a backlog of tickets in a support department or processing applications in the recruitment department, both events promise an enjoyable solution.

Played in teams of two, these events are not only effective for addressing work backlogs but also serve as an excellent addition to the onboarding experience.

During the onboarding period, newcomers are paired with a suporter or a recruiter, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Regardless of the newcomer’s role, we recognize the undeniable importance of knowing what goes on in these two departments. That’s why we advocate for every newcomer to participate in both a Tickethon in Month 1 and a Sourcethon in Month 2.

By incorporating these events into the onboarding process, we ensure a well-rounded and immersive introduction for every team member.

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About Onboarding Game:Every month the feedback shows that the game is the most appreciated part of the onboarding session” – Lucinda Sparks, Executive Assistant to Area Director BeneluxVisma