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Creative Story

A strong storyline with challenging and clever puzzles, and a beautiful designĀ 

Five Star Reviews

By Tech University Eindhoven, Under Armour, Microsoft, NN, Robeco, ING to name a few.

33 min

Is the time to beat from Team Computational Chemistry of the University of Amsterdam


Oh No! Your favourite pub quiz moderator Tom has been hacked, just when the Locus Quest pub quiz championship was about to start. Help him find out who hacked him by going onto the infamous Dark Web and discover some pretty revealing secrets. If you dare. Time is limited so you really need to work together. Or else the hackers might come after you too.

A nerve-wracking, serious, online escape room written by award winning writers and designed by award winning designers. Darkweb is played with live moderators, who will ensure every team will have a great time and feel a great sense of accomplishment afterwards!

How it works

The nerve wracking online escape room: Darkweb is played in groups consisting of 6-8 players. Maximum number of groups is 20.

The game is played in breakout-rooms in Zoom. Each team will have a live moderator, who will provide you with hints when necessary. The full group starts and ends together in the main Zoom meeting under guidance of the Locus Quest head moderator.

The duration of the game is 60-90 minutes or if you beat the University of Amsterdam 33 minutes šŸ˜‰


From ā‚¬200 excl. VAT per team.

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