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Our Story

We are firm believers that culture-driven companies excel in performance. Our core values revolve around autonomy, diversity & inclusion, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and the belief that talent is everywhere; opportunities are not. In essence, we ardently hold the conviction that remote hiring can contribute to making the world a better place, as long as remote companies actively strive to foster safe, trustworthy, and inclusive work environments.

Locus Quest is dedicated to crafting solutions that enable building a robust company culture and fostering safety, trust and inclusion in teams, even in a remote or distributed environment. Here’s our story:

Mariel Dommering Locus quest

The first product …

A compelling idea took shape, prompting our CEO, Mariel, to reach out to Karin—an accomplished author and escape room specialist. Their vision was to merge Mariel’s extensive HR Executive experience with Karin’s exceptional storytelling skills to create engaging remote escape rooms for companies seeking to connect with their remote teams.

Karin enlisted the talents of Inge, an award-winning designer now serving as Locus Quest’s Creative Director, and Kat, a seasoned Movie Producer. With no prior tech expertise, this dynamic team embarked on crafting Locus Quest’s maiden product: The Dark Web, a remote escape room.

Throughout 2021, Locus Quest successfully partnered with major companies, including Under Armour, Microsoft, and Robeco. However, as companies began returning to the office, it was time to redefine Locus Quest’s identity beyond online escape rooms.

Mariel made the bold decision to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, dedicating herself full-time to Locus Quest—a company that specializes in providing online games and events tailored for hybrid and remote businesses

How it all started …

In 2020, Mariel, our CEO and Founder, was the Chief People Officer at Nmbrs—a company known for its unique culture, built on trust and devoid of traditional managers and rules. When the Netherlands entered lockdown, forcing the Nmbrs team into remote work, they embarked on a mission to preserve their unique culture. From trivia nights and virtual drinks to yoga sessions and online cooking classes, they explored various approaches. While some were successful, others fell short.

However, amidst these endeavours, one pivotal experience changed everything. After enduring a particularly poorly designed online escape room with her colleagues, Mariel couldn’t help but think, ‘I can do better…’

engage remote and hybrid staff

Our mission …

Organizations with a strong, healthy culture perform better. At Locus Quest, we are dedicated to providing solutions for remote and distributed teams to build a robust company culture and engage with their remote staff.

We firmly believe that remote companies can create an amazing culture that unites their people, fosters loyalty, enhances success, and grants employees freedom, autonomy and trust (and no long commutes)

Our unwavering conviction is that hybrid and remote work contribute to a better world by opening up opportunities for all to contribute. This approach promotes greater equality in the workforce, ultimately benefiting our global community

Our people …

At Locus Quest, our team is a vibrant tapestry of diverse knowledge and talent. We encompass a wide spectrum of expertise, including HR specialists, coaches, writers, artists, hosts, producers, and developers.

Our journey began with four remarkable women who co-founded the company and crafted our inaugural product, ‘The Dark Web,’ a remote escape room. Over time, our team has expanded to include a dynamic ensemble of developers, designers, marketeers, executive coaches, interns, puzzle makers, moderators, and virtual event hosts. Each member of our team possesses a multifaceted skill set, stemming from backgrounds in HR, fashion, design, writing, film, TV, music, event management, catering, programming, and customer support.

We firmly believe that this wealth of knowledge gives us a unique advantage, enabling us to devise innovative ways to engage remote and hybrid staff based on real-life experience.

We are always eager to welcome new talent and collaborative partners into our fold. If you’re interested in working together, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at