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Our Story

We believe that culture driven companies perform better. We believe in autonomy for everyone. We believe remote hiring will make the world a better place. Locus Quest develops online games and events for hybrid and remote companies to build a strong company culture even though they are remote. Here is our story.

Mariel Dommering Locus quest

Our beginning …

In 2020 our CEO and Founder Mariel was working as Chief People Officer at Nmbrs. When The Netherlands went into lockdown and the Nmbrs team had to work from home, they tried everything under the sun to keep their staff happy and engaged: trivia nights and digital drinks, virtual yoga lessons and online cooking classes, poker tournaments and digital escape rooms. You name it, they tried it. Some things worked and others didn’t.

After the office played one particularly poorly made online escape room,  she thought to herself, “I can do better …

Our first idea …

During The Netherland’s first lockdown, an idea began to brew and our CEO Mariel called Karin (published author + escape room specialist). The idea: combine Mariel’s expertise as an experienced HR Executive, with Karin’s masterful storytelling skills and build a beautiful, fun, elaborate remote escape room for companies to use to engage their remote staff.

Karin enlisted the help of Inge (award-winning designer, now Locus Quest Creative Director) and Kat (Movie Producer), and the four of them, with no prior tech knowledge, built Locus Quest’s first product, The Dark Web: a remote escape room.

Locus Quest went on to book major companies during 2021, such as Under Armour, Microsoft and Robeco to name a few. But as companies began to return to the office, it was time to think about what Locus Quest really was, beyond online escape rooms. Where could Locus Quest add value in the post-pandemic era?

Mariel made the big decision to venture out as an entrepreneur and focus full-time on Locus Quest: a company that offers  online games and events for hybrid and remote companies.

remote escape room idea
build a strong company culture

Our mission …

Our mission is to provide solutions for remote and hybrid companies to build a strong company culture and engage with their remote staff.

Organisations with a strong, healthy culture perform better. While it is challenging, we are convinced that remote companies can build an amazing culture that binds their people together, inspires loyalty, makes the company more successful, and provides their employees with freedom and autonomy.

We are resolute in our belief that hybrid and remote work make the world a better place. By embracing hybrid and remote work, we will open the world for everyone to contribute. There will be more equal opportunities in the workforce which is ultimately good for the world.

Our people …

Locus Quest is made up of a diverse range of knowledge and talent, spanning HR specialists, coaches, writers, artists, hosts, producers and developers.

Locus Quest began with four women, who founded the company and went on to build our first product, a remote escape room, The Dark Web. From there the team has grown to include on regular basis our freelance developers, our executive coach, our full-time intern, freelance game developers, moderators, and our virtual event hosts. Our people are all multi-skilled individuals, with backgrounds in HR, fashion, design, writing, film, music, event management and catering, programming and customer support. We believe this wealth of knowledge gives us an edge: we are able to come up with creative ways to engage remote and hybrid staff, based on real-life experience.

We are always looking for more talented colleagues and collaborative partners, so if you want to work together please get in touch:

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