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Put your remote or distributed team in a online pressure cooker and see how you handle it.

Take on the challenge of landing an airplane with your team in just 5 minutes.

Crafted with remote and distributed teams in mind, this is a online teambuilding experience.

How does Airplane work?

Your team assembles in a virtual meeting room, divided into two groups – one in the cockpit and the other with access to the radio tower manuals. Together, you’ll attempt to land the plane within a thrilling 5-minute challenge.

Following each 5-minute session, take just 1 minute to reflect before embarking on the next round. With every attempt, your team’s performance is poised to improve, and we guarantee you’ll successfully land the plane at least once 😉

After successfully participating in 6-8 sessions, take a moment to log off and engage in introspection. This is an opportunity to reflect on your own behavior, observe the actions of your peers, and analyze the dynamics within your team. You’ll find that the reactions and interactions during the Airplane game mirror those encountered when your team faces challenging situations on other occasions. Once you’ve documented your insights and observations, reconvene with your team in an online setting to share your valuable feedback.

For a seamless experience, Airplane includes the option of a moderator or coach to guide the game. You can choose to provide your own or opt for our coaching services, available for an additional fee or use your own moderator or coach, there’s a convenient one-hour e-learning module at your disposal.

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It was a lot of fun. In the second session we already learned to communicate better, prioritise better and listen to each other better! We were also better prepared.” – Ran Feder, Head of EMEA Business DevelopmentSONOS

What does Airplane do?

Fun and confrontational

Research consistently shows that the behavior displayed in the Airplane game closely reflects your team’s performance under real stress. This makes the teambuilding game not only a lot of fun but also an effective catalyst for addressing ongoing issues, as they naturally surface during the session.

Meaningful conversations in a safe environment

Airplane, being a game rather than a real-life scenario, naturally lowers people’s anxiety levels when discussing their behavior and areas for improvement.

Embracing the chance to observe and reflect on the insights acquired through Airplane is invaluable. It substantially elevates trust levels and cultivates a culture of constructive feedback.

Becoming a high performing team

In every book, article, and research study, it is consistently demonstrated that trust and an open feedback culture are the key predictors of high-performing teams.


Airplane, the teambuilding game is an integral part of all our subscription plans, which have proven to consistently enhance engagement levels.

For those looking to experience the unique Airplane magic on an individual basis, we offer customized options to suit your needs.

Pricing starts at €500 excluding VAT for one team (4-8 people).

Additionally, we provide Enterprise packages for large corporations seeking unlimited access. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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