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Wow your new employees with a full-day onboarding event

Our day host will make sure your event will be a blast

Work closely with our remote event specialists

Your customised onboarding event

Creating an exciting online event program can be a daunting task with many moving parts. We are here to take the hassle away and make it a fun experience for you. Coming up with a unique and exciting remote onboarding event schedule is our bread and butter. It’s what we love to do. We work closely with you to build an amazing event program that will leave your newcomers buzzing with excitement to begin their new roles. The sky really is the limit with your customised online onboarding event. We work out what virtual platforms and technology to use. We assign an energetic Locus Quest host who specialises in online events. We create a customised game as an icebreaker. We find you inspirational speakers, or train speakers from your own company to tell a masterful story about their experience with your company. Have some ideas but aren’t sure where to start? Book a free brainstorming session with one of our HR specialists today.

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Every month the feedback shows that the game is the most appreciated part of the onboarding session” – Lucinda Sparks, Executive Assistant to Area Director BeneluxVisma

Feel completely like your own

Every part of your customised onboarding event will evoke some part of your company’s mission or values. We work with you to build a schedule that truly reflects your company culture. In our brainstorming sessions, we find out from you what you want the focus of the event to be, who you want to have involved, and what your overarching message of the event is.

Foster new and lasting relationships among your new employees

We will create a schedule that ensures your newcomers feel entertained and engaged the entire time. A major part of onboarding is encouraging your new hires to get to know one another and the rest of your company. These are the beginning of the relationships they will see throughout their entire employee journey, and you want to kick them off in the right way. We will introduce icebreakers, facilitate introductions and give your newcomers a chance to get to know your leadership team.

Spark your remote and hybrid culture

Your onboarding event is your first opportunity to show off how your company culture is remote or hybrid-first. Your newcomers will see how you successfully thrive as a remote or hybrid company, and will feel the care that you have put in to make them feel included and welcome during their onboarding. This sets them up for an exciting and successful employee journey.


From €500 Excl VAT and the sky is the limit!

Let’s put our heads together! Let us know what you need.

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