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WOW your newcomers with your own game

Liven up your online onboarding

Build lasting relationships amongst your employees

Your customised onboarding race

Your customised onboarding race is a series of puzzles where the fastest team wins. We work with a library of carefully curated puzzles that are based on logic, language, numbers, music and visuals. There is truly something in there for everyone!

Your customised onboarding race consists of five to seven puzzles, each tailored to include your company vision and mission.

Our talented creative team works closely with you to develop a series of puzzles that tell your story.

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Every month the feedback shows that the game is the most appreciated part of the onboarding session” – Lucinda Sparks, Executive Assistant to Area Director BeneluxVisma

Your newcomers will build lasting relationships

Your customised onboarding game is built to encourage your newcomers to mingle with one another. There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition to quickly bond people together! Designed to be played in teams of 4-6 people in break-out rooms, the onboarding race is the perfect virtual icebreaker. We choose a variety of different puzzles that appeal to different strengths so that everyone can help their team race to beat the other teams.

Make an amazing first impression

Your onboarding will be your new hires’ first impression of your company. Nailing this first impression is crucial to ensuring your new hires have a long and successful employee journey with your company. Adding an exciting race to your onboarding event will leave your newcomers excited to begin their roles.

Tell your company’s story

The best thing about our customised onboarding game is that we can create the puzzles and the design around your company’s story. Do you have a particular message you want to send to your newcomers? We can put it in a puzzle. Want them to know your values? We can gamify them. Need them to get acquainted with your intranet? We can gamify that too. This is what we love to do. Tell us what you need to be communicated and our creative team will work out how to make a game out of it. You will have an impactful, fun onboarding game that looks, feels and plays like your company.


We can build you your own customised race from €3.000 excl VAT and €3 per player.

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