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An exciting, customised, remote escape room

60-90 minute game for up to 300 persons in groups of 5-7, perfect to make connection within a big group

Hunt for clues, crack the codes and solve the mystery!

Your customised remote escape room

Designed specifically to engage your remote teams, our customised onboarding remote escape room is an exciting addition to your onboarding program. Built exclusively for your company, our talented creative team will work closely with you to develop a hilarious or suspenseful story with your company as the protagonist. 

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Case Study: Onboarding game for a security company welcoming 100 new starters each month
Engage your newcomers in a truly memorable way

Your customised onboarding remote escape room will amaze your newcomers and leave them with a lot to talk about. It’s a perfect icebreaker, and will leave a lasting impact on your new employees that they will carry with them throughout their employee journey.

Share information in a new manner

The game is built from scratch to be a product that is dedicate to sharing your company’s story. We work closely with you to gamify and incorporate essential information for your new employees to discover. Whether it’s your company mission, values, or inside jokes … you name it, we can gamify it and make it a part of your escape room.

Spark your remote and hybrid culture

Incorporating a fun and memorable online experience into your online onboarding shows from the get-go how your company values a unique remote or hybrid culture. Your newcomers will feel the effort and care that has been put in to making their onboarding experience special.


The sky is literally the limit!!

Our talented artists can create extraordinary experiences, whether you desire special effects, collaboration with renowned actors, or stunning animations – we have you covered.

Here’s how it works: you make a one-time payment to have the game custom-built, and this game becomes exclusively yours for a period of three years. Additionally, the pricing structure includes a per-player fee ranging from 1 to 5 euros, which is determined based on your specific volume needs.

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