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What is an online Hackathon?

The online Hackathon is a full-day, free-format online event in which everybody from the company or department can join. The teams are also in free format and the assignment is too: a game, a website, and an app. It’s up to you, or we can choose for you!

We will help you with the scheduling and if people cannot find the skills they need for a project, we can also help to complete teams.

Next to that, Locus Quest will assign a host to your event. He or she specialises in hosting online events and getting the most out of them. The event is hosted in your own meeting software, such as Zoom, MSTeams, and Meet.

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Results from a Hackathon

New, innovative solutions

We often see that great new ideas are developed in a Hackathon. The inspiration for projects comes from the organisation itself, and that always makes a Hackathon a success.

Appreciate, learn and inspire

Your employees will feel seen and appreciated, and the host will ensure this message is communicated throughout the event. The free formation of the teams means that your employees will spend time working with people that are not directly in their team. This creates opportunities to learn from one another, often spurring new ideas and inspiration for further work.

Spark your culture

We always see that there are company inside jokes worked into the builds, winks to the organisation’s culture and references to already existing stories. The Hackathon will give your organisation’s culture a positive boost.

Hackathon program

This is just an example of what a Hackathon program can look like. We work closely with you to customise the program to suit your team’s needs and deliver your company message.

10 days before the event: Registration begins
3 days before the event: Teams and projects are selected
Monday 09.00: Kick-off with host
Tuesday 09.00: Begin the day with the host (the host will check in on each team during the day)
Wednesday 09.00: Begin the day with the host (the host will be available during the day to assist with preparing presentations)
Wednesday 16.00: Presentations and voting with the host
Wednesday 17.00: Hackathon ends


The price is dependent on the number of participants and the number of days required from the host. The price of the example program is €3000 Excl VAT for a maximum of five teams. Every additional five teams will be €1500 extra. A team can consist of up to six people.

We have experimented with doing parts of the Tickethon in VR (metaverse). Price on request (we will provide the VR glasses).

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