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Custom Virtual Onboarding Game

A virtual onboarding solution

Our customised onboarding game is an effortless way for hybrid companies to liven up their online onboarding process.

Our fully customisable onboarding game adds an extra sparkle to your virtual onboarding schedule. We’ve seen how our games break the monotony of back-to-back talking heads, provide icebreaker introductions and energise new employees as they familiarise themselves with their new company.

How do we help you do this? We work closely with you to create a customised onboarding experience for your new employees. With our solutions we can ensure your new employees:

  • Get to know each other in an guided introduction
  • See your company branding and colours on display
  • Discover your company values
  • Familiarise themselves with your intranet.

You tell us what you need and give us the ins-and-outs of your company’s culture. Tell us your story.

Then our creative team will put their brains together to create a fun and inviting experience for your new employees, an experience that makes them feel welcomed and excited to be a part of your company.

You will have a unique onboarding game filled with your company colours and branding. A game that solidifies your company core narrative, and provides a memorable experience for your newcomers.

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Locus Quest

The Locus Quest team specialise in finding staff engagement and company culture solutions for hybrid businesses. We are made up of HR specialists, executive coaches, writers, designers, filmmakers, developers, animators and escape room specialists. Founded by Mariel Dommering and Karin Giphart.

Mariel Dommering


Karin Giphart


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