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An exciting, customised remote escape room

60-90 minute game for up to 300 people in groups of 5-7

Perfect to spark connections in a large group

CASE STUDY: Nationale Nederlanden

Your own customised remote escape room

Designed specifically to engage your remote teams, our customised remote escape room is an exciting addition to any remote event. Whether it’s a stand-alone online social gathering or used as a teambuilding activity to inject some fun and entertainment into a larger program, your remote teams will love our custom digital escape room.

Our talented writers and prize-winning designers will develop the game together with you. We will take your company and make it the protagonist of the story, inventing a mystery that your employees need to solve together in groups of 4-8 people.

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Results from a session

Engage your remote teams in a fun and meaningful way

Your remote teams will work together, exploring a beautifully designed online environment, finding clues and solving puzzles together. It’s a unique team-building exercise that they will have never experienced before.

Add some excitement to a full day online program

A custom escape room is a perfect addition to a full-day online program, such as an onboarding schedule. Teams work closely together, bonding through a shared online experience and adventure. Connections will be made, memories created and stories shared.

Spark your culture

We can infuse special touches into the game that reflect your company culture and make your remote teams feel seen and appreciated. Want your company logo in the game? We can do that. Have a particular message you want to communicate? We can work it into some of the puzzles. Need a host? We can arrange a fun and energetic Locus Quest host for you.


Developing your own customised escape room is possible from €10,000 excl. VAT per game and  €2 per player per session. 

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