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Add that WOW factor to your onboarding day

For both large and small groups in teams of 4-6

Customised puzzles and design

Our onboarding game options

A customised, remote onboarding game

The onboarding experience is unique to every company and requires unique solutions. We have seen that customisation is key when it comes to engaging staff.

With this customised game, you have the opportunity to incorporate all the essential elements to give your remote employees a great onboarding experience.

We will work closely with you to build a game that delivers your mission and values. You name it, we can gamify it. The sky truly is the limit. We can create a customised online escape room, a quest or a race, specially made for your company. 

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Your customised remote onboarding game will …

Spark new connections amongst your new employees

Bring your new people together! Your new hires will be excited to compare their progress in the app with one another. It gives them the perfect excuse to spark a conversation with their colleagues.

Combine the organisational with the social

The customised onboarding game acts as both an educational tool and a social activity. Your new hires will learn about the company culture and values as they move through the game, but also be encouraged to share their progress with their colleagues. It’s an icebreaker and an educator all in one neat, fun bundle.

Add that WOW factor to your remote onboarding program

We ensure your new remote workers will be excited to be part of your larger company culture. The effort put into your onboarding experience will show them that you care and want them to be happy and successful members of your team.


Developing your own onboarding game is possible from 3,000 excl. VAT per game and per player per session.

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