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Fully customised for your event

Your story told in an online quest, we build a script, select the actors and discuss the vibe with you.

30-45 minute puzzle race

60-90 minute game for up to 300 persons in groups of 5-7, perfect to make connection within a big group.

Your own customised game

Your people will be submerged in this adventure which is totally yours, perfect for remote onboarding!

An exciting remote quest, just for your company

What better way is there to bond than going on an adventure together? This is the experience that our customised remote quest will offer your remote teams. A digital escape room written, filmed (or animated) and created only for your company. Imagine your entire company coming together remotely for the first time in months and embarking on an exhilarating online quest that is built specifically for them.

Our creative team works closely with you to come up with a story concept that is unique to your company. We then create an online quest for your company to play remotely in teams of 5-7 players. The teams will be swept along in a storyline, cracking puzzles and solving a mystery together. We highly recommend this as a part of an onboarding schedule, as you can use the game time and time again, giving your newcomers a memorable experience that will make a positive first impression.

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Results from your customised remote quest

Engage your remote staff in a truly memorable way

We are confident that your remote staff will never have had an experience like this before. This event will become a memorable experience for them, and they will be talking about it with their colleagues for a long time after.

Share information in a new manner

The biggest benefit of a customised remote quest is how much we can work your company’s culture into the game. Your company’s culture and mission become this game’s mission! How can we show your culture in a creative way? What do you want your remote teams to take away from the session? We work these into a riveting storyline with a strong take-home message.

Spark your remote and hybrid culture

While embarking on this remote adventure together your remote staff will be improving vital remote communication skills, building online connections with their colleagues and, most importantly, having a whole lot of fun!

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The sky is the limit with this. If you want the best scriptwriter, the most beautiful post-production, famous actors and impressive special effects, we can arrange that for you. Starting price is €12.000 for the script, actors and production and a player fee of €2 per player.

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