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Start 2024 with a Bang

Does this sound familiar? Targets and goals vaguely known to the teams, acknowledged at some point, but never truly embraced with a sense of ownership and responsibility?

Add Interactivity and Responsibility

Revolutionize your goal-setting process! Host a day of fun and connection where teams contribute their valuable insights, giving their unique perspective on the goals and targets for the upcoming year.

Elevate engagement and infuse excitement!

With our wealth of experience, we’ve executed this seamlessly multiple times, knowing precisely where to commence and conclude. We’ll ensure your teams not only feel deeply engaged and responsible for the strategy but also enjoy a day filled with excitement and camaraderie!

“Our Benelux management team has been deliberating to instill a collective sense of ownership for the 2024 Benelux Targets and Goals. Following detailed discussions with Locus Quest, we’ve crafted an immersive online team-building day set for January. During this event, hosted by an experienced Locus Quest Host, the teams will be strategically reshuffled into four dynamic groups, each empowered to design its unique strategy and set personalized targets for the transformative year ahead.” – Dennis Valkema, Benelux Leader, Deel.

2024 Online Target and Goal Setting Event

All our events are customized. We pay close attention to your desired outcomes, addressing any concerns or opportunities you identify. Drawing from our extensive experience in organizing numerous successful events, we know exactly what to do and how to mitigate concerns. We for sure understand how to plan and structure the day(s) effectively.

Rest assured, we prioritize making it an immensely FUN experience, ensuring it doesn’t feel like work. Our commitment extends to embedding the goals and targets in the hearts and minds of your team so that 2024 becomes a resounding success. Please note that a Locus Quest host is always included in our events, unless you intentionally choose otherwise. This ensures a seamless and carefree experience for you and your team throughout the day.

Results from an Annual Goal & Target Setting Event

Commit employees to the 2024 Goals

In many companies, goal and target setting often follows a top-down approach. However, it’s clear and proven that employees exhibit greater responsibility and commitment when they actively contribute to defining the targets and goals. This collaborative approach significantly enhances the likelihood of successfully achieving the set goals.

Forge new connections, who share responsibilities

You possess the capability to form new teams that will collaborate on shaping the goals and targets for 2024. This represents a powerful tool for forging new alliances within your organization.

Boost your remote culture and have some fun

Our approach is uniquely tailored to incorporate specific elements that resonate with your distinct culture. Rest assured, we will ensure that the event is not only enjoyable but also infused with creativity and fulfillment.


All events an integral part of all our subscription plans, which have proven to consistently enhance engagement levels.

For those interested in experiencing the an annual goalsetting event independently, our offerings are tailored to your specific needs. Pricing depends on factors such as length and number of participants. An annual goalsetting event is available from €750 Excl VAT per Event

To explore your customized options, please fill out the form or schedule a demo with us. We’re here to help you find the perfect annual Event for your unique requirements.

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