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Tired of boring online All Staff meetings

Sound familiar? Online all-staff/townhall meetings: One person shares information with a large group, but most have their cameras and sound off.

Add Interactivity and Recognition

Transform Your Online All-Staff Meetings: Add Interactivity and Recognition. Following the informative session, break into teams of 4-7 for an engaging 30-45 minute puzzle race

Mazerace® = 'Kahoot', but in a game form

Mazerace®: It’s like ‘Kahoot,’ but it’s a full-fledged customizable game. Tailor it to your event with custom colors, logos, backgrounds, and even puzzles and answers.

“We wrapped up our online team day/pre-summer event (50 distributed employees) with Mazerace , and it was the perfect way to conclude the day. The customized puzzles, uniquely tailored to our company, along with the unmistakable ‘Wolters Kluwer’ look and feel, made it an absolute blast. The competitive nature of the race, where you can constantly see how your fellow teams are doing, adds a hilarious touch!” – Julie de Deken, Associate Director Technology Implementation Consulting Finance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting, Wolters Kluwer

The Mazerace: your own customised online game

A customised online race is a puzzle race for multiple teams of 4-7 people against one another. During the race, you can always see where your opponents are and whether you are in the lead! This fuels the competition and makes the game even more exciting.

We ensure that the puzzles, solutions and look and feel of the game are tailor-made for your event and your company. We will work closely with you to include inside jokes from the company, making it a fun bonding experience for your remote teams. Your company branding and colours will be used, making the race look and feel like it is your own.

It is also possible (and highly recommended!) to hire a Locus Quest host. Our hosts specialise in bringing out the energy in online meetings: something which we know can be a challenge. They discuss with the organiser what the emphasis should be on during the online event, which other speakers there may be during the event, and they ensure that everything in the online event runs smoothly.

Results from your customised online race

Create cross connections

Normally at large events, it is only possible to send information, but the opportunity to really get to know other people doesn’t happen often. With our customised online race you work together in groups of 5-7 to solve puzzles, really getting to know new people and making new connections within your organisation.

Sharing information differently

By customising the puzzles, answers and the look and feel of the game, you have the option to present important information in a way that sticks in people’s minds.

Boost your remote or hybrid culture

We will incorporate inside jokes, poke a bit of fun at the organisation, and reference already existing stories. This session will give your organisation’s culture a positive boost.


Mazerace® is an integral part of all our subscription plans, which have proven to consistently enhance engagement levels.

For those interested in experiencing the Mazerace® magic independently, our offerings are tailored to your specific needs. Pricing depends on factors such as your preferred chat tool, the number of teams, and the duration of play.Mazerace® is available from €500 Excl VAT per game

To explore your customized options, please fill out the form or schedule a demo with us. We’re here to help you find the perfect Mazerace® solution for your unique requirements.

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