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Online Escape Room: The Dark web

The Dark Web, an online quest for those who dare

Can you delve into the dark web and reveal a hacker’s true identity before time runs out?


O no! Your favourite pub quiz moderator Tom has been hacked, just when the Locus Quest pub championship was about to start. Help him find out who hacked him by going onto the infamous Dark Web and discover some pretty revealing secrets. If you dare. You only have 90 minutes, so you really need to work together. Or else the hackers might come after you too.

Teams will work together on a video call platform, with a helpful moderator.

  • Minimum 4 players
  • 60-90 min
  • Starting at €400 per group

Phone number +31 6 13183035

No. of players

min. 4 players


Starting at €250 per group