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Up to 300%  increase in support tickets solved compared to a normal working day


Five out of five star Google reviews by participants

Our energetic LQ host will make certain your day will be a blast

CASE STUDY: Talpa Tickethon

What is a Tickethon?

The Tickethon is a full day online event for your support department. Under the guidance of an energetic Locus Quest day host, in teams of two you solve as many support tickets as possible in one day.

During the event there are lots of fun distractions in the form of games and challenges. The winning team will be announced at the end of the day. Our Tickethon achieves several things: Recognition and appreciation for your teams’ work, duel learning by careful selection of teams, and solving a support ticket backlog

Your support team will feel acknowledged, and appreciated and will have a fun team-building day behind them.

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Tickethon program

This is just an example of what a Tickethon program can look like. We work closely with you to customise the program to suit your team’s needs and deliver your company message.

09.30AM: Welcome and intro from LQ Host
09.45AM: Start
10.00AM: GAME (eg, Salad Bowl)
12.00PM: Lunch break + scavenger hunt
15.00PM: GAME (eg, pub quiz)
16.00PM: Customised Locus Quest game*
16.30PM: Scoreboard + winner announced!

Before the event we work out a way to gamify and allocate points to your customer support tickets. We try to promote some healthy competition with these tickets, introducing ‘golden tickets’ and ‘pest tickets’.

* An online game where we can modify the design, puzzles and answers to deliver your company’s message

Testimonial: Moneybird

Results from a Tickethon

Recognition and appreciation

The work that your support team does is essential and we ensure that your employees feel this throughout the day. Our host prepares thoroughly to ensure your company remains in the spotlight throughout the event. The games are tailor-made, especially for your company’s colours and logos and customising puzzles and answers.

Solving tickets

We have seen from our past Tickethons that a large number of tickets are solved in one day. This works best if a few veterans, that now work elsewhere in the company, come back to customer support for a day. Our experience is that, despite the distractions, two to three times as many tickets are solved than on a usual day.

Duel learning

The Tickethon is played online in teams of two. The advantage of this is that people learn from one another, especially if a few people return just for the day. People will make strides in their learning, create bonds, and have a lot of fun!


€2.000 Excl VAT up to 16 participants (8 teams).
For every next 16 participants the additional costs are €1.250 Excl VAT.
We have experimented with doing parts of the Tickethon in VR (metaverse). Price on request (we will provide the VR glasses).

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