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If you are a hybrid or fully remote company, it is inevitable that you will need to hold some online events for your staff. These events require something different from live events. People do not want to come together in an online meet to hear three or four speakers present in a row. In order to engage your employees in an online space, you need to be more imaginative. And that is where our shared experience can help.

We have found that a combination of quality speakers, polls, customised games, breakout rooms and, most importantly, an engaging host, are key to a successful online event. You can take it further and send something to the house of your employees: an outfit, a cap or a drink package to toast together at the end of the event. We can arrange it all for you.

We have coaches who can train people within your company to deliver an interesting speech or tell an exciting story. We have extensive experience customising our own games for events, providing a fun, tailor-made energising experience for your employees to do in their breakout rooms.

The sky really is the limit with these events. We love creating customised online events because each is individual to the company. We work closely with you, get to know your company’s culture and build an event program with you that will ensure your remote staff feel seen and appreciated.

Event program

This is just an example of what an online event program can look like. We work closely with you to customise the program to suit your team’s needs and deliver your company message.

3.00 PM: Welcome and energiser from LQ Host
3.10 PM: CEO (trained to deliver power speech)
3.30 PM: Professional speaker on the chosen topic
3.50 PM: Break
4.00 PM: Speech from C-Level + poll taker (choose a topic you want to deep-dive into + we will train the speaker to deliver a compelling speech + the host will throw in polls to make it interactive)
4.30 PM: Customised Locus Quest game made to suit the event. The company will be broken up into groups of 5-7 people and sent to breakout rooms to play. Introductions will be facilitated so that new connections are built in the company.
5.00 PM: Announce the winners of the game and toast with the CEO, Locus Quest host and C-Level speaker (with the drinks from the borrelpacket sent to each employees house)
5.10 PM: End of event

Results from your own online event

Engage your staff on a particular subject

With well trained speakers, your staff will remain engaged and interested in the message you want to deliver to them.

Build new remote connections

By shuffling the teams up into breakout rooms, your employees will get an opportunity to connect with people outside of their direct daily team. This encourages them to get to know one another, strengthening bonds and building a stronger company culture overall.

Spark your culture

We will incorporate inside jokes, poke a bit of fun at the organisation, and reference already existing stories. This session will give your organisation’s culture a positive boost.


Locus Quest host

€500 Excl VAT

Public speaking and storytelling

€1500 Excl VAT (this is multiple sessions and is an investment in the speaker’s skills for future public speaking events)

Poll master

€500 Excl VAT

Professional speaker

Dependent on subject

Customised game

From €1000 Excl VAT

Borrel packages

From €20/pp Excl VAT

Organising fee

This is dependent on how much Locus Quest needs to organise, and how much you take care of within your company.

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