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Fully customised for your event

A unique and fun way to show your information

30-45 minute puzzle race

For up to 300 persons in groups of 5-7, it’s the perfect way to build connections in a large group

Your own customised game

Built to suit your event for €1000 per game

CASE STUDY: Albelli’s Mazerace

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The Mazerace: your own customised online game

A customised online race is a puzzle race for multiple teams of 4-7 people against one another. During the race, you can always see where your opponents are and whether you are in the lead! This fuels the competition and makes the game even more exciting.

We ensure that the puzzles, solutions and look and feel of the game are tailor-made for your event and your company. We will work closely with you to include inside jokes from the company, making it a fun bonding experience for your remote teams. Your company branding and colours will be used, making the race look and feel like it is your own.

It is also possible (and highly recommended!) to hire a Locus Quest host. Our hosts specialise in bringing out the energy in online meetings: something which we know can be a challenge. They discuss with the organiser what the emphasis should be on during the online event, which other speakers there may be during the event, and they ensure that everything in the online event runs smoothly.

Spice up your online events

This race can be used for online onboarding, sales kick-offs, seasonal kick-offs, Black Friday events, or any other milestone or celebratory occasion where you want to energise your remote teams and boost connections with a healthy dose of competition. We love our customised solutions because we get to work closely with you to design an event that is unique for your company.

If you choose to spice up this event with your own customised online race, we design the puzzles in the race so that they match the look and feel of your company’s culture and event. We will include some inside jokes, decorate the game with your company colours and branding, and make sure the game feels wholly yours.

The game can be played as a break in the middle of the event, or as a conclusion. The entire group is divided into teams of 5-7 people. The teams are set into breakout rooms and are given a link which takes them to the secure gaming environment. The entire team can see the same thing the whole game and communicate in the breakout room. They can also see where the other teams are, driving the competition. Are there new people in your team? No worries, we can include a friendly introduction round in the game!

Results from your customised online race

Create cross connections

Normally at large events, it is only possible to send information, but the opportunity to really get to know other people doesn’t happen often. With our customised online race you work together in groups of 5-7 to solve puzzles, really getting to know new people and making new connections within your organisation.

Sharing information differently

By customising the puzzles, answers and the look and feel of the game, you have the option to present important information in a way that sticks in people’s minds.

Boost your remote or hybrid culture

We will incorporate inside jokes, poke a bit of fun at the organisation, and reference already existing stories. This session will give your organisation’s culture a positive boost.


An online customised race is possible from €1000 Excl VAT per game and from 3 euro’s per player.

The more it needs to be adapted, the more expensive it will be to ensure a high-quality, beautiful design. But for only €1000 it is possible to have a high-quality, customised online race that suits your company and the story you want to tell.

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