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Add that WOW factor to your onboarding day

Bond your remote teams

Gamify your company values

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Your customised onboarding app

The onboarding process is crucial in making sure your new hires feel a sense of belonging and connection. You want them to understand the company’s values and feel supported in their professional development. This can be challenging in an online environment: you want your remote employees’ onboarding journey to be a memorable experience, one that makes them excited about being a part of your company and a time where they begin to build lasting connections with their new colleagues.

Our customised remote onboarding app will add a sparkle to any onboarding schedule, remote, hybrid or even in-person. How the app looks and what the experience will be is entirely up to you and your company. We build the story around your company culture and values and what information you want your newcomers to be orientated in.

Your customised onboarding app will be built to break the ice with your new hires, giving them a chance to chat about their progress in the game, mimicking that ‘water cooler’ feeling they would usually get within the office.

Example of customised onboarding app

A global car company that onboards 20-30 new hires per month approached us to come up with a concept of how to add some spark to their already existing (and fantastic) onboarding program. How could we make it even better?

We came up with the idea of having an onboarding app with a car as a central character within the app. The newcomers have to keep their ‘car’ well cared for and happy by moving through different gamified steps in the app, which are tied into the company culture. For example, ‘car’ is 15 minutes late to a meeting, what does he have to do now? It’s a fun way to teach newcomers how the company culture functions. During the onboarding period, newcomers can check in on how each other’s cars are going in the app and chat about their experience.

Your customised remote onboarding app will …

Create bonds within your new remote teams

Bring your new people together! Your new hires will be excited to compare their progress in the app with one another. It gives them the perfect excuse to spark a conversation with their colleagues.

Gamify your company culture and values

Get essential information across in a fun and unique way. We can gamify important onboarding information, create games to teach your newcomers the meaning behind your values, and introduce them to your company culture in a meaningful way.

Add that WOW factor to your remote onboarding program

Your new remote workers will see the care and effort you have put into making their onboarding memorable. This sets a solid base for developing a lasting relationship of loyalty, productivity and engagement.


A one-off fee that is dependent on the complexity of the app, beginning from €7.000 excl BTW. Price per player is 2.00.

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