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Remote Teambuilding EventsOnboarding Events

Fun Events are important to keep and grow the company culture you desire. We are a strong believer in live events but for remote and hybrid companies that is just not always an option. Remote events can add a lot to your company culture as well. We know how!

Techathon ®

Mix your full development department and let them build a game from scratch in teams of 5-7  persons in 1½  day.  Guaranteed new lasting connections in your development teams, valuable tech insights spread and a whole lot of fun!

Remote Onboarding Event

Your own customised monthly or bi-monthly Onboarding event is already an option from 500 Euro’s per month and the sky is the limit! We will design the event with you, train your speakers, maybe add a customised game! Welcome your newcomers in a very special and welcoming way.

Tickethon ®

A full day of fun and games for your department or company! In teams of two you challenge your teammates in a race to the top. Make new connections, laugh, work and learn. Data shows engagement and productivity doubles, sometimes even triples, during this event.

Your Own Remote Event

You tell us your goals and we will design your event. We have done Code Smell Events, Code Quality Days and Marketing Pitch Plays to name a few.


The good old Hackathon. We will organise it guaranteed hassle-free for you. Our energetic hosts will ensure high energy and high pace. Will your next bestselling product or add-on emerge from these fun, high energy days?

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