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Gamification has proven to be an important new way to share information. Data shows people gamified content is 20 times more likely to stick. The other thing we love in gamification is that is is done in teams, which gives multiple ways to build new and stronger connections in your teams, departments and company.

Your Own Onboarding Game (Basic)

Your own monthly or bi-monthly onboarding game is already an option for a one off fee of 3.000 Euro’s and 3 Euro’s per player.

Your Own Onboarding Game (Exclusive)

The sky is the limit when we develop your  monthly or bi-monthly onboarding game. Our award winning writers, puzzle-makers and designers can truly do amazing stuff.

Online Escape Room: Darkweb

Five star rated Online Escape room with a strong story line, challenging and clever puzzles and a beautiful design. The game Locus Quest started with!

Online Escape Room: Save Santa

Santa is missing! Help the elves to find Santa in time or X-mas will be ruined. A truly fun quest. Play it in groups of 4-6 people, 45-60 minutes of fun!

Your Own Mazerace ®

We make certain it is your own game -your colours, your logo and your puzzles-. Perfect to load information in a original way and a great way to build new connections in your team.

Your Own Online Escape Room

We can build an amazing story, work with the best actors on top locations to make the most beautiful designed game for you and your staff to play

Online Escape Room: Fake!

Thrilling new Escape Room by Locus Quest. Submerge in the world of fake Gucci, Yves Saint Loran and Burberry. Find out the truth about the money and crimes behind this huge industry. Coming soon

Mazerace ®

A 30 minute online race against each other in teams of 5-7 persons. Solve multiple puzzles as fast as possible and win the trophy. This game can played from 250 Euro’s (50 Euro’s per team)

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