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Spark your online event with a customised game.

A great onboarding makes your employees happier, more engaged and more productive.

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Imagine you are having your annual sales event: how can you make it stand out from the rest?

From talking with our clients, we have seen that online events for remote and hybrid companies tend to have a similar structure: the event will begin with a bunch of talking heads and then groups will branch out into a breakout room to do an assignment or generic icebreaker. We can make these events more fun for your remote workers with a game that suits your event.

Our customised games add an extra dimension to these events. It all comes down to what your company needs: the sky’s the limit! You could begin with our standard Mazerace: an energising, team building game where teams race against one another to solve a series of puzzles. Or we could personalise the Mazerace for your company to make it that bit more special for your remote workers.

We can include your company’s branding or create puzzles that include company values or inside jokes. Or if you want to take the customisation even further, we can design a game especially for your company.


An energising team building game where contestants race in teams to solve a series of puzzles.

The Mazerace is a Locus Quest original game, designed especially to be customised to suit any company’s needs.

You can book our standardised Mazerace, all ready and set with the original designs to be played by your teams. This is a unique and fun icebreaker in itself. Or you can take it another step further and have us customise the game for you so that it is designed specifically for your employees and your event.

We can incorporate your company branding, create puzzles around your company’s values, and design the game to suit the purpose of the event. We work together with you to incorporate your company’s culture, important stories and inside jokes, and any take home messages.

virtual team building adventure

A mysterious virtual team building adventure.

The Dark Web was Locus Quest’s first creation. In this 60-90 minute digital escape room, players work together to solve a mystery.

The scenario: you have come together for a virtual trivia event but disaster strikes. Your trivia host, Tom, tells you he is being blackmailed. He desperately needs your help to find out who the suspect is, or else he has to transfer all of his Bitcoins to them.

In teams of 4-6, you go onto the ‘dark web’ to help Tom find out who is doing this to him and why.

application based game Locus quest
IN DEVELOPMENT: The Expat Orientation App

An application based game that helps your expat newcomers orient themselves with their new lives in The Netherlands.

culture game Locus quest
IN DEVELOPMENT: The Culture Game

A game that looks into navigating culture differences in the workplace.