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Spike interaction with your online onboarding experiences.

A great onboarding makes your employees happier, more engaged and more productive.

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Onboarding is key. There are thousands of studies which prove that a good onboarding process will make employees happier, more engaged, more productive and stay with a company longer. Therefore companies invest a lot of money on onboarding weeks, buddy systems, mentors and onboarding tools. 

The onboarding day or week can be a challenge when you are condemned to do it online. Whether you are the investor company, like for instance Visma, or when you are dealing with complex operating schedules and a too-small head office, or you are truly remote company, hiring staff all over the world, there are multiple reasons why it is not possible to organise a face-to-face onboarding event for all employees.

We are here to help you turn your monotonous online onboarding event into an exciting occasion, one that your staff will talk about for long after. We mostly see that online onboarding events consist of a row of talking heads. Listening to the CEO, CHRO, CTO, COO (you get the gist) on one morning or even spread throughout a week is one way communication without any interaction or creativity asked from your new employees. We are here to help you add a bit of sparkle to your onboarding schedule.

How does it work?

The Locus Quest creative team will work closely with you to develop a customised onboarding package that gives your newcomers a meaningful introduction to your company. Whether this is a quick energiser event or a full day onboarding schedule that includes talking heads, the possibilities are endless. A Locus Quest onboarding solution could include:

  • A customised online onboarding game incorporating your company’s branding and values
  • A customised digital escape room with a storyline specific to your company
  • A customised energizer game with puzzles created especially for your company
  • Speakers
  • Day hosts
  • Lunch and borrel packages

We can make your online onboarding event fun, educational, interactive and social. To get an idea of what we can do for you, please see our case studies below.


How can you help us make our online onboarding more interactive and fun?

A typical Visma onboarding schedule consists of a morning of five talking heads: twenty minutes each with a break in between. The Visma leadership team realise the huge importance of giving a warm, personal welcome to their newcomers and to provide an opportunity for them to connect with one another.

The challenge put to Locus Quest by Visma Netherlands was this: how can we make our online onboarding more interactive and fun?

We love this type of challenge! Our creative team put their heads together and built a beautiful, customised onboarding game that ticks all of the boxes that Visma asked us to tick, such as:

  • Facilitating introductions so employees meet new people: We designed the game to be played in breakout rooms of six people, with a guided introduction so everyone can meet their new colleagues
  • Giving employees a glimpse into the Visma intranet: We sent the players to Visma Space to find some answers
  •  Introduce the newcomers to the Visma values: We gamified the Visma company values, so players can be introduced to them in a new way.
  • Want to learn more about what Visma do? We gamified that too! With a tongue-in-cheek approach that allows players to laugh and have fun.

A beautiful, customised game that Visma can use each month for their newcomers

Securitas online onboarding games

How can we provide an exciting and fun introduction to our newcomers during their onboarding?

Every month Securitas onboards their new recruits with an online onboarding session, made up of talking heads. The challenge put to Locus Quest by Securitas was this: how can we make the onboarding experience reflect the excitement of the job?

We loved getting creative with this one! We have offered a full day schedule that included:

  • A customised onboarding game built to introduce Securitas newcomers with the Securitas values and culture in a fun and engaging way
  • An exciting online escape room created especially for Securitas. A quest-style, live action game with a storyline based around two Securitas security guards. Created with a professional film crew and scriptwriters.
  • Coaching two Securitas guards to tell their most exciting story from a day on the job
  • Borrel and lunch packages

A full day onboarding schedule that ticks all the boxes: orientating newcomers, making them excited for their new roles, connecting them with the company values and with their fellow recruits.