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Talpa Tickethon

Naturally, we were delighted when Talpa Network approached us with the request for a team-building event for their customer support team.

The challenge? How do you bring teams that work remotely together, closer together?

Tickethon locus quest

We knew our Tickethon would be a perfect team-building solution for Talpa Network’s needs.

So, what is a Locus Quest Tickethon?

We love to find solutions for companies where we can combine their employees’ work with their team-building experience in a fun and energetic way. If there is a way to gamify it, we will find it. We are seeing more and more that remote employees prefer their team-building experiences to be combined with their work, not separate from it.
This is how our Tickethon came about: we wanted to offer a full-day virtual event for remote and hybrid companies that combined work and play. An event that can be easily customised to meet any company’s (who has support tickets) needs, no matter what industry they are in.

What did Talpa Network need?

Talpa Network wanted a full-day, remote, team-building event for their support team. They had two specific aims in mind:

  • Find a fun way to help their support team work through a backlog of older customer and support tickets
  • Provide a learning and bonding opportunity where their support team can work closely in pairs to learn from one another and build trust

“How do you bring teams that work together remotely closer together? And with that aim to optimize efficiency and mutual relationships? Based on that question, we held a Tickethon, organized by Locus Quest.” – Cynthia Mak, Talpa Director Customer Care

What did the Talpa Network Tickethon look like?

The Locus Quest team worked closely alongside Tim and Cynthia at Talpa Network to create a full-day schedule where we gamified their customer support tickets.

With a Locus Quest Day Host leading the day, the Talpa team engaged in some healthy competition and team building with one another. Teams raced to earn points throughout the day by working together in pairs to solve customer service tickets.

The day was broken up with energiser activities and icebreakers, such as our virtual game The Mazerace, which we customised with Talpa Network branding and puzzles.

“This day focused on gamification in solving support tickets, forming duos from two different locations. The parts of the gamification were easy to personalize as desired. Day host Phil gave a lot of energy to the day. The cooperation with Locus Quest was very smooth and pleasant and the team had a great day!” – Cynthia Mak, Talpa Direct Customer Care

The result?

The result was a fun, energetic, full-day event where the Talpa teams bonded with one another while smashing through a bunch of their support tickets.

 “​​Due to the Tickethon of Locus Quest, we have done team building in a playful way. With Phil as the day host, everyone was pushed to work and to handle as many tickets as possible. The collaboration was pleasant and smooth. So worth a try!” – Tim Ettema, Junior Team Lead at Talpa Network