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One of our proudest projects yet has been creating a beautiful, customised onboarding game for Visma.

How can we make the Visma onboarding session more interactive and fun?

The challenge put to Locus Quest by Visma Netherlands was this: how can we make our online onboarding more interactive and fun?

We love this type of challenge! Our creative team put their heads together and built a beautiful, customised onboarding game that ticks all of the boxes that Visma asked us to tick.

Facilitate introductions so employees can meet new people

We designed the game to be played in breakout rooms of six people, with a guided introduction so that everyone can meet each other.

Introduce employees to the Visma intranet

We wanted to give the new Visma employees a glimpse into the Visma intranet, Visma Space. So we sent the players on a digital scavenger hunt into Visma’s intranet to find some answers as a part of the game.

Knowing how important it is for every newcomer to feel welcome, we hid a little easter egg on each answer page.

Acquaint the newcomers with the Visma values

We gamified the Visma company values, so players can be introduced to them in a new and memorable way.

Add a bit of humour

It’s a running joke that nobody truly understands what Visma does. We gamified the answer to this! With a tongue-in-cheek approach that allows the players to laugh, have fun, and poke a bit of fun at Visma.

The result?

Visma now has a fully personalised online onboarding game that they can use each month to onboard their newcomers in a friendly, fun and memorable way. Every month the feedback from the onboarding session shows that the game is the most valued part of the meeting.