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Work hard, play hard during our virtual and online events.

Team building events are essential for staff engagement in remote and hybrid companies.

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Team building events are essential for remote and hybrid companies. While nothing beats coming together offline, it is important to have regular opportunities for your remote teams to connect online when it is not possible for them to be together physically. Locus Quest was founded to make organising these events fun and seamless for you.

The best online events are customised for your company, and that is where Locus Quest can help. We work together with you to come up with an online event for your remote workers that will bring them together in a fun virtual environment, give them a sense of belonging and leave them with some fond memories and stories to share. We can organise speakers, borrel packages and catering, tshirts, and more.

Whether it’s a Friday afternoon energizer event or a full day schedule you need, our team can work with you to help create an unforgettable online experience for your remote workers.

Curious about how we can help your for your next event? Check our some of our case studies below to see what is possible.

Talpa network team building event

Can you find a fun way for our busy support team to have a bonding opportunity while still being able to get work done?

Talpa Network approached Locus Quest to provide a full day team building event for their support team, with two aims in mind:

  • Find a fun way to help their support team work through a backlog of older customer and support tickets
  • Provide a learning and bonding opportunity where their support team can work closely in pairs to learn from one another and build trust

We knew our Tickethon would be perfect for this!
The Locus Quest team worked closely alongside Tim and Cynthia at Talpa Network to create a full-day schedule where we gamified their customer support tickets.

A fun, energetic, full day event where the Talpa teams bonded with one another, while smashing through a bunch of their support tickets.

With a Locus Quest Day Host leading the day, the Talpa team engaged in some healthy competition and team building with one another. Teams raced to earn points throughout the day by working in pairs to solve customer service tickets.

The day was broken up with energiser activities, such as our virtual game the Mazerace, which we customised with Talpa branding and puzzles.