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Albelli Mazerace

Albelli were looking for a solution to engage their IT department online on Black Friday. They used to organise activities every Black Friday, but with a lockdown they needed to find a way to spike enthusiasm and engagement online.

Albelli Mazerace

The challenge? 

Provide a some laughs and connection during a busy period

Black Friday is an extremely busy time at Albelli. The IT department must be on their toes at all times. The application must function flawlessly. On these busy days, when everyone is under pressure, it’s even more important to have a laugh together and show your staff appreciation.

What did the event look like? 

Costumes, competition, baked goods …

The Albelli IT department is made up of people from all over the world. The head of IT came up with the idea to divide everyone into teams based on their nationalities. This was a GOLD idea! Each team went all out, dressing up in costumes and baking snacks that they took to their online Zoom meeting to eat while they played the game.

Pitting the nationalities against one another made for some very healthy competition! While the teams raced through the puzzles, they could what position the other nationalities were in. This competitive addition adds some excitement to the game, egging the players to solve the puzzles even faster.

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