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Nmbrs Techathon

In March 2022, we had the pleasure of hosting one of our Techathons for the Nmbrs tech team.

The challenge? 

Keep building on stories and connections

The Nmbrs tech teams are located in both Portugal and Amsterdam. While they relish the opportunities they have to gather in person twice a year, their leadership team wanted to provide them with a remote event that would build on these connections. Something fun and challenging, something that would mix up the team dynamics and something that will give them the chance to show off their skills to the rest of the company.

What did the event look like? 

Day one

Our Locus Quest day host, Phil, introduced the Techathon and explained the objectives of the challenge: Get to know your colleagues better, work together to create a game you love and, most of all, have fun. Then they went off into their allocated teams to begin brainstorming and building their games.

Day two

Again, the day was launched by LQ day host Phil. As the teams all gathered in the main room, they were excited and energetic,  throwing jokes back and forth, ready to share what they had already accomplished. To kick things off, the teams played an energizer game: The Locus Quest Mazerace, customised with Nmbrs branding and puzzles created especially for the day.

The tech teams had until the afternoon to prepare to present their games in the company-wide meeting. If they wished, they had the opportunity to do a practice run with Phil, who could provide feedback to help with the preparation.

The company meeting

Each Techathon team presented their games to the entire company. What did we see? Five clever, creative and totally different games had been created. Each team had a completely unique take on the challenge, and most worked some company inside jokes or references into their games. One team made a version of Wordle that can be played in Slack, another a Squid Game themed Wordle, another a payroll collection game and another a number guessing game. The winning team created a, ‘This is How We Payroll’ a rolicking 90’s style game where a car jumped across obstacles to collect records.

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