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Land an airplane together with your team and enhance your team communication skills

Specially developed or remote and hybrid teams

Guaranteed fun and deep insight into your team’s dynamics


Airplane is a fun and interactive executive coaching session that will give valuable insight into how your remote, hybrid or on-site teams work together. Airplane can be played online (remote) virtually or on-site location.

Played with a Locus Quest top-level, executive coach over two immersive sessions, your team will need to work together to land the airplane.

The first session is 2.5 hours and the second two weeks later will take around 1.5 hours. It is therefore a short, intensive intervention, aimed at uncovering points for improvement and enhancing communication skills and trust within a team.

Curious to find out how Airplane can work for your executive teams?

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It was a lot of fun. In the second session we already learned to communicate better, prioritise better and listen to each other better! We were also better prepared.” – Ran Feder, Head of EMEA Business DevelopmentSONOS

Your leadership teams will grow together

Teams will work together in a guaranteed fun and safe environment. The coach will continue to reset the game throughout the session so the team can work on improving each time, eventually landing the airplane. You will grow as a team and gain valuable knowledge about how to work together.

Gain valuable insights into your team dynamics

A fun, interactive and insightful executive coaching session that will give invaluable insight into how your teams work together. Airplane can be played online (remote) or on-site.

Improved communication skills in your executive teams

The two sessions give time for the teams to work on implementing what they have learned in their daily work life. We recommend that these sessions become a part of your long-term remote or hybrid workplace strategy, as the communication skills your team will gain will be invaluable for their daily work.


The price is €750 excl VAT. Excluding the Coach. This is for one team (4-8 people) and includes one 2.5 hour session, and another 1.5 hour session 10-20 days later.

Enterprise package: Purchase Airplane for 5 teams at once for €3.000 excl VAT or for 10 teams for €5.000 excl VAT

We have great executive coaches available from €1.000 excl VAT. It is also possible to train your own coach/scrummaster. Call us for options

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