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New respect from the organisation for what Tech can do

Five out of five star Google reviews by participants

Keeps the innovative and fun culture alive

CASE STUDY: Nmbrs Techathon

What is a Techathon?

The Techathon is all about getting your Tech team to build something very fast from scratch. Mix up the total group, make new teams and build in a day (or a few days) something brilliant. This can be a game, a website, an app … anything!

Together with a Locus Quest host, you will come together in an online meeting. The host will explain the idea of the day(s) and guide the teams during the event. After building time it is up for the whole company or the full department (including the non-tech teams) to vote for the best build.

We work closely with you to customise the program to suit your team’s needs and deliver your company message.

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Results from a Techathon

Recognition and appreciation

The organisation will see what your Tech team are capable of. Wonderful things are made in a single day, or over a few days. We are always amazed at how great the results are.

Learn and inspire

The purpose of the Techathon is to build something from scratch in a new team. The entire tech department is being shaken up. This results in new connections, but also cross-pollination in tech and solutions.

Spark your culture

We always see that there are jokes worked into the builds, winks to the organisation and gestures towards stores that are already existing. This session will give your organisation’s culture a positive boost. And it’s lots of fun!


The price is dependent on the number of participants and the number of interactions with the host. The price of the example program is €1500 Excl VAT for maximum five teams. For every additional five teams the cost will be an extra €500 Excl VAT. A team can consist of up to six people.
We have experimented with doing parts of the Techathon in VR (Metaverse). Price on request (we will provide the VR glasses).

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