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Our Bestsellers!Blockbusters!

Locus Quest is fully dedicated to helping remote and hybrid companies connect with their employees in a fun way through online and virtual games and events.

Airplane, Tickethon and Darkweb are our Bestseller Games and Events. Played and rated 5 stars by companies like: Visma, Sonos, Microsoft and Under Armour

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Team Coaching Game: Airplane

Build trust and enhance your team’s communication skills whilst having fun. Under the guidance of an experienced coach your team needs to work together to land an airplane.


Sonos – Ran Feder Head of EMEA BD: We grew tremendously! In just two weeks we were better prepared, listened better…even prioritised better!

Online Escape Room: Darkweb

Five star rated Online Escape room with a strong story line, challenging and clever puzzles and a beautiful design. The game Locus Quest started with!


Who beats Team Computational Chemistry of the University of Amsterdam? They solved Darkweb in 33min without any hints!

Remote Event: Tickethon ®

A full day of fun and games for your department or company! In teams of two you challenge your teammates in a race to the top. Make new connections, laugh, work and learn. Data shows engagement and productivity doubles, sometimes even triples during this event.


Moneybird – Jorieke Olink-Levink HR manager: Teambuilding while you are working….Ask for Phil! He is an amazing dayhost!

Daily Picture Quest: Picl ®

It is a challenging puzzle (combination of rebus, crytogram and a doodle. For examples please visit the product page). The puzzle is shared daily within Slack/Google Chat/ MS Teams within the company. We have seen the puzzles create buzz and hilarity within your team, like old times at the coffee machine. We see even bigger engagement and excitement when this is turned into a competition, which is easily done. You can even enter the company to company battles!